Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Microsoft Updating Files Without User Consent and Windows Update Turned Off !!

is doing it again, users are reporting stealth updates at Microsoft Windows XP and Vista forums, files are getting updated without consent and even while Windows Update is turned off.

The new update has the version number 7.0.6000.381,A user Dean-Dean at the Microsoft forum states:

"Windows Update Software 7.0.6000.381 is an update to Windows Update itself. It is an update for both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unless the update is installed, Windows Update won't work, at least in terms of searching for further updates. Normal use of Windows Update, in other words, is blocked until this update is installed."

Dean-Dean names several files that are changed on XP and Vista as below:

In XP, the following files are updated:

1. cdm.dll
2. wuapi.dll
3. wuauclt.exe
4. wuaucpl.cpl
5. wuaueng.dll
6. wucltui.dll
7. wups.dll
8. wups2.dll
9. wuweb.dll

In Vista, the following files are updated:

1. wuapi.dll
2. wuapp.exe
3. wuauclt.exe
4. wuaueng.dll
5. wucltux.dll
6. wudriver.dll
7. wups.dll
8. wups2.dll
9. wuwebv.dll

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bypass YouTube Country Restrictions And Watch Videos In Any where in the world

Here is a simple hack to watch videos not available for your country bypassing YouTube's geographical restrictions, many videos on YouTube are not available for all countries and users from non-allowed countries are shown the message "This video is not available in your country" on accessing these videos.
Bypass YouTube Restrictions

However, YouTube can be easily tricked into displaying the videos in all countries by altering the URL a bit, for example instead of the regular url -, access (here UNIQUEVIDEOID is a unique 11 character video id code of the particular video).

Try watching this US specific video using the regular URL -, now try this altered URL -

Any question please leave comments

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cheap Voip International Calls from Finland

Voip has already a very popular technology with people from all over world using it to make cheap international calls. Today we discuss about another voip provider offering cheap international calls.

99599 Minicom is a Finland based voip provider offering voip calls from Finland. There is not much listed on their website but the method to call and rates are being listed.

To make calls :
Select: 99599 / country code / area code / phone number
For example to call Stockholm, Sweden, dial 99599 / 46 / 8 / ******

Their website says "With our cheap and high quality 99599-international calls you can reach your friends all over the world! Calling is easy and above all extremely cheap. Just take a look at our rates and compare them to your current service provider's rates. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We are here for you! ".

There is not much information if it requires you to join their service (how to activate). May be just dialing the access number should work. So better just contact them regarding.

Regarding the calling rates, the rates are competitive when you activate (discounted rates). Calls to India are at 2.5 eurocent. Check their rate list before you make call.

For more info, visit Minicom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 – Register To Get 0.50 Pounds Free Calls Credit – Register To Get 0.50 Pounds Free Calls Credit SimpleCall is a UK based International Telecoms Company is banging door for their VoIP services and with innovative VoIP products. SimpleCall provid: a) Free Direct dialing for 15 countries via local access number b) Offer SoftPhone for PC to Phone calls c) It follows pay [...]

ComFi Cheap International Calling Cards

Want to save up to 95% of long distance bills? Exasperated of expensive long distance costs? Get cheap and efficient ComFi international calling cards. ComFi meaning Communications Fidelity is an affordable international calling card company which provides the best calling card service while providing cheaper rates. Cheaper rates mean much less cheaper than the over- the- counter calling cards readily available in grocery stores.

With ComFi, you can call your loved ones and business partners, friends and relatives from all around the world at cheaper and affordable rates. With Comfi international calling cards, some amount of money is saved to buy other commodities needed in the kitchen or saved up to buy other personal needs. And with Comfi cards, you are assured there are no hidden fees suddenly being charged in your account without your notice.

ComFi carries a wide selection of the best prepaid calling cards available including Solaris, AT&T, FastWorld, and Lucky Minutes at affordable rates.

If you’re calling within the United States, you are also assured of cheaper domestic calling services with Comfi calling cards.

To provide utmost service to its customers, Comfi employs Customer Service Representatives available 24 hours to answer Comfi related concerns and for prepaid phone card assistance.With its quality service, Comfi assures a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its services including domestic calls and all its international phone cards.

ComFi also provides local-talk internationally. With ComFidirect, you don’t need any PIN numbers to enter and no need for long international numbers. What more, ComFidirect saves you time and money.

So how will you avail of ComFi’s international calling cards?

Log on the internet and register with Comfi to avail of a calling card via email. An email address shall enable Comfi to send important information and special features to you on its services including prepaid cell and special discounts.

So here you go, click on the Sign Up button and fill in your name, email address and password plus your phone number. And before creating an account take note of Comfi’s Service Terms and User Agreement. Take note of user conduct, indemnification, remedies for misuse, breach and failure to perform, representation and warranties and limitation of liability. It comes in handy to take note of legal responsibilities from both parties.

ComFi also assures privacy for its members and protects the safety of young people using its services.

Register here now at to avail of Comfi’s affordable international calling cards. You can also use their affiliate program to earn some affiliate money, just click on the banner below to do so.

Cheap calls From Axvoice, International calls to 35 countries, Residential VoIP Service

Axvoice is a VoIP service providers show a great stability in VoIP market where competitors like Vonage and Allovi already exist. These types of stability can be only acquired by offering great service which satisfies the customers. Axvoice is offering a great cheap International calling plan where one can make calls around 35 destinations worldwide at very cheap rate of just $16.58.

In Axvoice there are two types of International plans such as:

1. Residential International:
This plan only cost $16 for 58 month in which you can call over 35 International destinations which includes some famous destination called US/Canada.

2. Residential International Plus:
As the name says it’s a plus plan which cost you $29 for 99 month in which you can call over 50 International destinations including some famous destinations like US/Canada.

Here’s the rate plus extra expenditure related to this service:

* First Month Charge: $16.58.
* One Time Activation Fees: Only If applicable.
* Cost Recovery: $1.25.
* Shipping and Provision If required: $19.99.
* Taxes: Depends

Conclusion: This is not a cheapest service in the planet but still there are countless customers of Axvoice enjoy this service. So, why don’t you join and figure out what is the best and most attractive part of this service.

AxVoice Offer Destination List:
Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto, Rico, Russia, Singapore, South, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Yuletide as well as Cocos Islands, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela.

Free International Calls From UK Over 100 Countries Orange Mobile Offer

Orange mobile has being service mobile user from a long time in countries like UK and now it’s time for little offer and promotion and due to it Orange is now you can make free international calls to 100 different countries. Just stick with your unique cross network minutes and dial your unique access number and start talking for free. This is a great offer for the Orange user and now they really going to feel nice staying with this service because this time they are going to get some advantage from Orange. CLICK

Before thinking about making calls you need access number. And to get one you need to email on the following email address: accessnumbers @ gmail(dot)com. Then suppose to get access number in reply, access numbers are unique to every different subscriber or let say mail. But before making call you should be aware off that access number itself has a limitation of 3000 minutes per month, may be many of us don’t call it limitation.

Let’s have a look how your calling call format suppose to be : First your access number for Eg: ****** *** *** then International number 0091 **** **** ***** Press #. Hence, your call should be connected.

After making a call you will notice that your calling minutes are mention in your bill but you will not find charges because the fact that it’s free. Call with full confident because there are not hidden charge and any types of extra payment you suppose to pay after.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ooVoo : 500 Minutes Free Pc to Phone Calls to USA and Canada

Call USA or Canada from your PC absolutely free, download their softphone and register for an account. They will get 500 minutes of free calling.

* FREE calls from ooVoo to a landline or mobile phone in the
USA* or Canada.
* No credit card required.
* Introductory period includes up to 500 minutes of FREE
phone calls.
* FREE phone calls to the USA and Canada available

Zenofon free $3 trial credit to new users

Lately there has been very little activity in the voip world with very less voip providers coming up with new promotions. Zenofon has some news for you. I am sure you must be aware about Zenofon but if you have not joined it because of any reasons then it is the perfect time to do so.

Zenofon made a lot of buzz in the voip market because of their unique referral system and free credit giveaway to all new customers. Earlier Zenofon was offering about 20cents-$1 to new customers, however their system lacked resulting in many people doing multiple registrations using Google voice free numbers. Now Zenofon has upgraded their system to catch if the number is original phone number or any voip number (google voice or any other).

Zenofon has announced the beginning of its new promotion that gives away a free coupon worth $3 of free calling to people who join Zenofon and confirm their account with a valid mobile number.

Zenofon mentions on its website that "this program will help Zenofon grow quicker, Zenofon mangement believes, because the company now can give away more free time to actual users. Once users experience Zenofon’s technological superiority, such as the Zenofon international call forward program, Zenofon’s pick your own rate program, and Zenofon’s service that lets non-skype users call Skype lines without having to download Skype, the service will continue its double digit quarterly growth."

Please note that this zenofon offers $3 free calling for all new users that sign up with a valid phone number. This $3 free is divided up over 7 days, (42 cents/day.) Non-mobile numbers get 30 cents free to try the service.

So, if you have not yet joined Zenofon its the right time to do so and make some free voip calls.
if any question just leave comments below

u011 : Cheap Voip Calls to India : Free 5$ credit

Lets now discuss about this new voip provider u011 : the name of this voip provider is quite different (don't what this 'u' and '011' stands for - some code ? ). u011 offers cheap international calls to many countries offering one cent calls to many countries.

For India u011 offers two plans :
Pay as you go plan with one year validity offering calls to India at 2 cent per minute. Voip Calls are pay per minute with no hidden charges. Best part is that is offering free $5 credit on purchase of min $10 credit. So the effective calling rate will be around 1.33 cents per minute.

Other plan to India is Flat rate plan in which you get 1000 minutes to India at $14.99. The validity for this plan is 30 days. Again free $5 credit which is like bonus is also valid on this plan.

Some other features which u011 mentions on its website:
No Taxes
No Hidden Charges
Pay What You See
Call From Any Country
Lowest Rates In The Industry
Best Quality - Guaranteed
24x7 Email Customer Support

For more info, visit u011